The true story of massbricks…

Years ago, Timothy and his wife started scouring the world for something that will bring people -- children, husbands/wives, and ultimately, families -- together. Having studied Psychology and Family Therapy gave them a unique perspective on the needs of children in the ever changing but always busy households of the modern-day family: To fully maximize a child’s potential, it is imperative that parents intentionally cultivate the interests, abilities, and character of their children. Parents also need to approach their interactions with their children in a purposeful way, with the knowledge that positive parental attention is invaluable in a child's development. Timothy and his wife realized that talking about the need to come together in a positive fashion wasn’t enough; there needs to be a fun, collaborative activity where people are engaged on a physical, emotional and intellectual level. When they came across massbricks, they became excited. This could be the answer they have been looking for. And so began the story of massbricks...

Massbricks was found to:

  • Refine gross/fine motor skills in toddlers
  • Build confidence in exploring different types of play in children
  • Develop characteristics that are conducive to collaborative play in children/adults
  • Expand sense of creativity in children/adults
  • Nurture parent-child relationships
  • Foster fun-loving interactions in parent-child relationships
  • Enable parents the opportunity to observe the interests, abilities and characteristics of children
  • Generate family bonding experiences
  • Give families an occasion to have fun